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Planet Venus in the signs

Planet Venus

The planet Venus in astrology symbolizes our needs in matters of romance. In your personal horoscope, the sign Venus is placed in will tell you a great deal about your powers of attraction and how you most easily express love.

Planet Venus in Aries Venus in Aries
Planet Venus in Taurus Venus in Taurus
Planet Venus in Gemini Venus in Gemini
Planet Venus in Cancer Venus in Cancer
Planet Venus in Leo Venus in Leo
Planet Venus in Virgo Venus in Virgo
Planet Venus in Libra Venus in Libra
Planet Venus in Scorpio Venus in Scorpio
Planet Venus in Sagittarius Venus in Sagittarius
Planet Venus in Capricorn Venus in Capricorn
Planet Venus in Aquarius Venus in Aquarius
Planet Venus in Pisces Venus in Pisces

Relationships and partnerships of all kinds, romantic love, desire for beauty, harmony and co-operation, personal comforts and possessions, the arts, fashions and social life. Ruler of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra.

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